Clinical assessments and screening

Vitalpac incorporates frequently used assessments and admission screening procedures which are completed at the bedside. Full connectivity with pathology and radiology results completes the clinical picture.

With Vitalpac established across the nursing base, a wide range of assessments and admission screening procedures are available which can be completed by clinicians at the bedside as appropriate.

Common Vitalpac assessments include:

Dementia assessment
Vitalpac delivers CQUIN-compliant dementia screening and assessment, improving care during a hospital stay. This prompts appropriate referral and follow-up on discharge. Schedules are automatically triggered for over 75s. Simple screening and ad hoc assessments can be selected for any other patient.

VTE assessment
Vitalpac enables clinicians to identify, risk-assess and indicate a treatment plan for those at increased risk of VTE. Staff are prompted to confirm that treatment has been prescribed and information has been given to patients. Trusts can define the frequency of assessments and produce accurate data for CQUIN and compliance reports. This enables trusts to drive performance improvements and improve outcomes.

Nutritional screening
Vitalpac provides an effective tool to help hospitals meet NICE guidelines for all patients at risk of malnutrition to be screened within 24 hours of admission. It delivers nutrition assessments using the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST).

Alcohol assessment
Vitalpac helps hospitals identify patients with a high alcohol intake and related problems on admission, leading to more effective treatment and better outcomes. Vitalpac automatically calculates alcohol score, risk status and cohort, saving nurses valuable time. It includes an easy-to-use wizard format and units calculator, and factors in indicators of withdrawal.

A study by Portsmouth Hospital on screening for alcohol misuse in acute medical admissions using VitalPAC was displayed at the International Liver Congress in Barcelona in April this year. Here is the poster and the press release.