Outbreak control

Vitalpac Infection Prevention and Control acts as a permanent early warning system of potential infection outbreaks. Identifying potential sources of new infections early can lead to a dramatic reduction in the number of outbreaks.

This enables a trust to make major savings whilst improving patient care and significantly reducing the risk of hospital acquired infections. This works as a real-time surveillance system, fitting within the existing workflow and requiring no additional effort.

Infection outbreaks harm patients, prolong hospital stays, cause staff absences, lost bed days and loss of hospital income. Combining mobile functionality with alerts, patient case management and case assignment, it allows Infection Prevention clinicians to manage their workloads more efficiently, be more productive and target patients more effectively.

Reduce norovirus outbreaks

Vitalpac IPC can help you:


  • Significantly reduce outbreaks
  • Prevent ward closures and cancelled operations
  • Reduce loss of hospital income
  • Cut death rates
  • Prevent harm to patients and hospital staff
  • Minimise disruption



Read the case study – Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust reduced Norovirus outbreak by 95%