Vitalpac now integrated with Careflow

Careflow is a communication platform available on any mobile or web device delivering faster clinical communication, better collaboration and safer care.  It  replaces the reliance on pagers, phone calls, texts, personal apps and emails. It is secure and provides patient identified messaging, patient alert escalations, shared patient lists, SBAR standard handover which can span multiple organisations and care delivery sectors. Careflow creates a real time, auditable ‘Care Coordination Record’ for each and every patient. The improvements in communication and care-co-ordination made possible by Careflow produce real benefits for patients in terms of the speed, and therefore effectiveness, of clinical decision-making and interventions.  Automated patient event notifications have been associated in significant improvements in care safety and quality.

A modern cloud platform for transformed communication

  • Multi-site communication enables clinicians to exchange instant messages across multiple healthcare sites
  • Native cross-platform enables clinicians to communicate securely on their Apple, Android or Windows device

Careflow mobile clinical communications for Vitalpac users

  • Fully integrated with Vitalpac
  • Secure, patient-identified mobile messaging
  • Clinical handover and inter-hospital patient referrals
  • Hospital-wide and hospital-at-night task management
  • Real-time alerts and escalations including AKI, Sepsis and EWS, as well as admissions and discharges

Bridge the communication chasm

Using Careflow messaging speeds-up a variety of daily activities from prescription requests to patient discharge, changing the way clinicians work, freeing-up time to care, increasing job satisfaction and improving patient outcomes.

  • hospital staff directory in your pocket – find people and view their details quickly and easily
  • Instant messages – start a conversation and see when the recipient begins their reply
  • Read receipts tell you when a message has been sent, delivered and read
  • Staff presence – see when somebody is online or was last online
  • Staff status reveals whether somebody is on or off duty, and their availability
  • Staff location – locate a colleague and allow others to see where you are
  • Group messaging – create and amend groups, include who you want in a group and leave and join as you wish

Complementing your investments

Careflow has an open, modern technical architecture, easy for IT departments to work with and maintain. Integration with existing hospital systems provides increased communication benefits for your clinicians, patients and hospital.

Patient demographics integration

  • Picture and video sharing with patient consent workflow
  • Electronic patient referrals using the clinical standard SBAR
  • Enhance the EPR with patient-identified updates

Patient event integration

Push intelligent notifications to staff and staff groups.

  • Notification messages – become instantly aware of abnormal results and CQUIN targets e.g. AKI, sepsis and dementia
  • Pushed admission and discharge notification messages – instant notification of a particular type of patient e.g. with a learning disability or transplanted kidney
  • Notification workflow informs you when a notification was received, read and actions taken
  • Personalised notification messages allow you to exercise individual choice and control over the push notifications received
  • Mandatory notification messages push compulsory notifications to named individuals, a defined role or team


  • Save time with more efficient clinical communication
  • Improved workflow – clinicians are able to communicate, share and discuss their patients in real-time, contributing to reduced adverse incidents and length of stay
  • Low-cost solution – cloud technology means no initial hardware costs, and software updates are free
  • Easy to install, set-up and maintain
  • Easy training – clinicians will quickly understand how to use Careflow and appreciate its benefits, thanks to an intuitive interface
  • Happier staff – Careflow works how clinicians work, improving job satisfaction and performance and reducing staff turnover
  • Add value to IT investments including the Electronic Patient Record, Observations, Radiology, Pathology, A&E and ITU systems
  • Easy procurement – Careflow is available on the Government’s G-Cloud framework