Learning Clinics

Trusts deploying Vitalpac products today will receive a contractual commitment from us to provide Learning Clinics, without charge, to support them post-installation should they so wish. Learning Clinics are facilitated by our Healthcare Improvement Partners or HIPs. Our HIPs are experienced healthcare professionals directly employed by Vitalpac.

Learning Clinics use empirical evidence from the client Trust’s own deployment to guide the Trust towards opportunities to further raise their operational and financial performance using our products combined with behavioural change. They also relate experience to national strategic issues in healthcare improvement. These Clinics can be done as part of scheduled Executive meetings or as standalone workshops. Early workshops use MIS reports direct from VitalPAC to build awareness of information availability and to help identify measureable outcomes. Later workshops will focus on adherence to protocols and help Trusts to identify steps to improve compliance and further lift performance.

Vitalpac can facilitate benchmarking thanks to our extensive user base. This facility enables hospitals to focus in on areas where local performance is lacking compared to their peers. Where funding has been provided through the Nurse Technology funding or Integrated Care Technology funding, HIPs will also be available to assist Trusts with evidencing the benefits delivered to satisfy NHSE post-award scrutiny.