Vitalpac Flow

Vitalpac Flow is a one-stop shop for managing patient movement and discharge, both within the hospital and across connected (integrated care) pathways.

How it helps:

  • Using Vitalpac Flow, hospital teams significantly reduce length of stay by delivering an accurate, real-time picture of bed usage and demand.
  • When run in combination with Vitalpac, Vitalpac Flow will be automatically updated at least as often as clinical observations and assessments are taken
  • Combines real-time patient locations, transfer information, capacity data and predictive (discharge) data for effective capacity planning
  • Senior management can see – at a glance – real time KPIs of hospital capacity and challenges
  • Smart search allows emergency and expected patients to be found the most appropriate bed based on gender and specialty
  • System takes account of the impact of patient acuity on ward activity
  • Allows hospital teams to identify and reduce number of outliers
  • Optimised for and accessible anywhere on iPad, Vitalpac Flow overcomes the constraints of traditional whiteboards