Vitalpac BI

Vitalpac Business Intelligence (BI) is a flexible business intelligence tool reconfigured to work with VitalPAC data.  Combined with the cutting edge Yellowfin Business Intelligence tool, it makes Business Intelligence easy.  It is highly interactive and simple and easy to use by all staff.  Its data visualisation tools enable much easier understanding of the data,  locating issues and providing visibility.

Vitalpac BI content is fully mobile, enabling the use of dashboards and reports anywhere in the organisation.  It also enables collaboration between sites, standardising metrics across the customer base as well as easy sharing of dashboards and reports.

Vitalpac BI is built on Medway BI platform.

Data visualisation

The Data Visualisation module uses BI to drive and measure real change, using the wealth of data available to a healthcare organisation.  This module adds advanced visualisation capabilities to Vitalpac BI using the fully-featured, cutting-edge Yellowfin BI tool.  Different views and metrics are designed for specific audiences such as board members, operational managers and clinicians.

 User benefits

  • Data visualisation is simple, intuitive and requires minimal training.
  • Web-based delivery enables the use of dashboards and reports anywhere in the organisation, such as at the bedside, in clinic and in board meetings.
  • Easy-to-use data views enable users to create their own dashboards and reports.

Hospital benefits

  • Customer decides which data or functionality is turned on for the user.
  • Service package includes standard, out-of-the box reports and a customisable library of content designed in partnership with the NHS. Additional consultancy services are available.

Integrated features

  • Advanced data visualisation enhances the existing BI capabilities with interactive analytics
  • Users can add comments and tasks within the data visualisation module. PowerPoint-style presentations can be created with interactive reporting content, with narratives based on live data or snapshots
  • Alerting allows for the automated delivery by email of routine reports. Alerts can also be configured to trigger on a combination of conditions such as a patient arriving with a named infection
  • Enhanced security means data access can be restricted at the level of individual records, e.g. a consultant would only be able to view his or her own data
  • All functionality works on any device with a modern web browser. Native applications for iOS and Android
  • Interactive dashboards can be created in 30% of the time of usual reporting tools