VitalPAC Nurse is our award winning ‘Personal Assistant for Clinicians’. A highly intuitive mobile solution for recording patient observations in real time. VitalPAC Nurse significantly improves patient safety, ward efficiency and compliance with care protocols.

VitalPAC Doctor provides doctors, senior nurses and specialist staff with mobile access to a wealth of real-time patient information ensuring continuity of care between clinicians and across episodes of care. It allows doctors to prioritise tasks, respond effectively to escalations, refer patients and perform safe handovers.

VitalPAC Infection Control acts a permanent early warning system of potential infection outbreaks. By identifying sources of infections, the number of outbreaks is dramatically reduced avoiding harm to patients and to hospital budgets.

VitalFLO helps hospital teams significantly reduce length of stay by creating a real time picture of hospital bed usage and demand in a mobile format. It rapidly locates the most appropriate bed for a patient and gives visibility of discharge plans and delays.

VitalPAC BI is a highly interactive, simple and easy to use business intelligence system.  It Enables in depth analysis within one dashboard or report.  Its data visualisation tools enable much easier understanding of the data, locating issues and providing visibility.  It helps aid improvement of clinical practice, not just performance management. It is web browser based and works on any device.

VitalPAC also offers consultancy services in Healthcare Improvement that have already driven improvements in performance against key standards in areas ranging from A&E to cancer care and RTT for a number of acute and community trusts.