Testimonials from clients on VitalPAC’s capabilities, ease of use, quick implementations and more…

At EHI Live 2015, Nick Elliott was interviewed as part of its “Meet The Experts of Healthcare” series. During the interview Nick talked about patient centric, real time, mobile care. He outlined how data can be used to predict and be pro-active while providing care instead of being reactive all the time. He also talked about the latest development around real-time, mobile patient flow system and its efficiency.

Vitalflow enables transformation of hospital operations using real time patient information. It’s a one-stop solution for managing patient flow and discharge, both within the hospital and across sites and health communities. It helps hospital teams significantly reduce length of stay by delivering an accurate, real time picture of hospital capacity and needs. Its smart capabilities rapidly locate the most appropriate bed for a patient and give visibility of discharge intentions and any delays. It is fed continuously by VitalPAC which updates each patient’s location and their clinical requirements in the hospital in real time.

Vitalflow’s other key functionalities include visibility of real time patient information, real time KPIs, reduction of outliers, transfer information, ward display, patient location and status update, visibility of pre-booked beds and more.