Vitalpac Infection Prevention and Control

Vitalpac Infection Prevention and Control acts as a permanent early warning system of potential infection outbreaks. It identifies potential sources of new infections early, which leads to a dramatic reduction in the number of outbreaks.  This enables a trust to make major savings whilst improving patient care and significantly reducing the risk of hospital acquired infections.

  • Since the introduction, Vitalpac IPC has virtually eliminated Norovirus outbreaks in 2 major hospitals.
  • It’s able to identify and the patients that are at risk and manage them against potential infections, before outbreaks occur.
  • By preventing outbreaks it saves lives, reduces length of stay, therefore saving cost.
  • It improves the delivery of care by allowing infection prevention clinicians to manage their workloads more efficiently.
  • It allows the staff to be more proactive and identify potential infections before they start spreading.

PAS, Pathology, EPR, barcodes and RFID, patient monitors