What we do

Vitalpac, formerly known as The Learning Clinic, is a healthcare improvement organisation founded in 2005, with an objective to provide clinicians with accurate and real-time information for safest possible patient care. Our mission is to deliver state of the art clinical decision support systems in order to create visibility and transparency across hospitals. A group of 60 clinicians, engineers and software experts are working side by side to design the technology to make this happen.

Our award winning products are practical solutions designed to improve patient safety and outcomes. They have been developed in response to national guidelines and research into patient safety.

We take pride in ensuring that high value healthcare is sustained for every patient, every day.

Vitalpac at a glance:

  • 6 million observations taken each month
  • Fully rolled out in 600 wards across 51 hospitals in the UK and growing
  • 30,000 clinicians are using it each month
  • 92,000 patients are having their observations taken by Vitalpac each month on average

Why Vitalpac:

Vitalpac became part of the System C group in September 2015. The company operates as a subsidiary of System C, sitting alongside the company’s other subsidiaries, Liquidlogic and Careflow Connect Ltd.